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Privacy Policy

Your privacy, our commitment

Important – We will not sell, trade, give, etc., the statistics that we have collected from you to any third party, without first being given your express permission.  The data we collect to aid in the development of our business only, and not for any external marketing reasons.  Be assured that safeguarding your information is our priority.

The following information sets out our privacy policy.  For the purpose of “Titan Sirens” will mean TitanSirens.co.uk. This information my change from time to time, so please check back periodically.

Your consent

By using this website you are giving titansirens.co.uk your consent to collect and use your personal information as set out in this privacy statement.

What we gather from you

When you (and/or a Designer (this is the name we give our suppliers)) register with our website to make a purchase/join us we ask for information which includes your name, address, email address, contact number and postal code.  This information is kept by us.

We keep a record of any purchases you have made, to aid in any enquires that might emerge from that purchase, such as refund requests.

We keep any email/telephone correspondence from you, to track any issues that have arisen from a purchase or website related issue.

We may also ask you questions regarding our products/services that may improve the service we give to our customers.

We may also use any information or pictures you have uploaded to aid in promotions, such as competition photographs.

How we use your information

We use your personal information for the following only:

1.       To pass on delivery information to our designers, to ensure you receive your purchased product/service.

2.       To improve our business activities through analysis of customer trends, locations and style preferences.

3.       For administrational purposes

4.       For research

5.       To provide you with new products/service information you may be interested in.

6.       To inform you about news, information or up & coming events

7.       To verify your details in relation to your payment method or card account

The use of data over the Internet

It is possible that your data may travel internationally, due to the Internet being a global network.  By visiting titansirens.co.uk you are both agreeing and authorising us to process your data this way.

How we protect your information

Although you acknowledge that the Internet is not 100% secure, and as such we cannot guarantee the security of any information you send to us (or us to you) via the Internet, we will not be held responsible for any damages in which you or others may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of this information.

We do however; take every precaution necessary to protect your information, with all personal information stored in a secure environment.

In relation to payments, credit/debit card information, we use the merchant service WorldPay, with all payments taken by their secure payment page to ensure the safety of all customer payment information.  WorldPay is currently the UK’s leading payment provider.


For the purpose of this page we do not ask for any other information than stated previously.  Please note that at no point will “Titan Sirens” ask for any personal information via email (e.g. marriage status, income, etc.)

How you can assist us in maintaining the protection of your information

When using non-protected environments such as social media, message boards, emails and chat areas the information you put out can be collected and used by any party that can view that information.  This is the same with customers who share their computer at home or at an external location such as a library.  While we do our best to secure your information, we urge that you do the same, and we cannot be held responsible for any issue as a result of your negligence regarding your own information.

 Contacting Titan Sirens

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this website and/or your dealings with “Titan Sirens”, please email:info@titansirens.co.uk 

To view all of the information we have about you, or to correct any inaccuracies, please write to us at Titan Sirens.

How to unsubscribe from our service

Should you wish to no longer receive any further information from us, which may include our newsletter, magazine or promotional emails, please go to our contact us section and state that you wish to unsubscribe.

Changes to our privacy statement

We reserve the right to change our privacy statement at any point, and will notify you if this has been altered.

Our Designers’ privacy statements

Our designers are governed by the same laws as us, and must inform users of the information they retain in their own privacy statements.

However, we cannot be held responsible, nor do we guarantee that the privacy statements of any of our designers or WorldPay that your personal information is passed onto in accordance to this privacy statement comply with the current data protection legislation. 

Cookie policy

By visiting this website with your browser settings adjusted to allow cookies, you are consenting to titansirens.co.uk using cookies for the purposes stated below in order to provide you with a full functional shopping experience.

Our cookie policy:

Please note: To make full use of titansirens.co.uk and to benefit from certain personalised features, your computer, tablet or mobile phone will need to be set up to accept cookies. The titansirens.co.uk website (like many other shopping websites) will not work when cookies are blocked.

► TitanSirens.co.uk uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience possible, without them we wouldn’t be able to do things such as remember your preferences or enable you to store products in your shopping cart. The cookies we use don’t store sensitive information such as your name, address or payment details and they can't harm your computer.

► The data we collect through these cookies is solely for the purpose of enhancing our website and your browsing experience, we never use this information to identify you and we would never share or sell on this data.

We use cookies for the basic functioning of our website in its ability to remember products stored in our shopping cart for example, to aid in the performance of our service through Google Adwords and Google Analytics to determine effective paid advertising, and the improvement of the customer experience.  We also serve cookies ton social media sites such as Facebook and Share This to allow us to track pictures and information vital to the improvement and promotion of our brand.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a type of crumbly biscuit usually containing chocolate chips… oops wrong cookie, an Internet cookie is a small text file which is downloaded and stored on your computer/mobile device by the websites you visit.

Your browser (chrome/Internet Explorer etc) will access this file when you visit that particular website; this is used to help in the navigation of the website by automatically remembering things that you like, your preferences, and what (if anything) is waiting in your shopping cart.  The information stored in the cookie is limited to the information you entered into it when it was generated.

For more information on cookies, please visit www.whatarecookies.com

Please note we are not responsible for any issues in using this link, and provide it only as a source of information.


Please note that we are note responsible (as stated) for any external link posted on our website, blog, email or social media.


About us

It's good you're here.
Titan Sirens came from our dreams and our passionate love for beauty, these dreams have accompanied us all our lives, appointing themselves as compulsion to create and need for contact with spirits, mystery and the source of everything. We met as young girls, to paint, try out new artistic techniques or simply to observe the world and play with its unlimited possibilities. We were always Titan Sirens. We were mermaids who had to face everyday life, but this did not tarnish our dreams. Our mermaid souls survived the whirlwinds of life and still stayed as souls of little girls fascinated by beauty.

Why us?

  • Each piece in our gallery is unique and individual
  • All of the pieces are made using select natural materials
  • The pieces are the result of a long-term and precise creative process
  • All of our works come with a certificate of authenticity
  • The pieces can make one of a kind gifts for a special someone, they can express and evoke deep thoughts, emotions and feelings because they were created with this purpose.


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