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Girl from Venus
Girl from Venus
Author:Beata Kuczynska.Sculpture made of clay, glassed.Impresive,unique sculpture of space woman.Ins..
Greek dancer
Greek dancer
Author: Beata Kuczynska, clay sculpture - glazed. Size: about 50cm high, 15cm wide. Ancient Creeteni..
Author:Beata Kuczynska. Sculptures made of clay, glazed, set of two. Unbelivable couple of silver ho..
House of  lonelyness
House of  lonelyness
Author:Beata Kuczynska. Clay sculpture, glazed. Misterious house of lonely princess is black and whi..
Author:Beata Kuczynska -  clay sculpture, glazed. Size: about 70cm high, 50 cm long, 15 cm wide..
Medieval Virgin
Medieval Virgin
FREE delivery! Author:Beata Kuczynska. Clay sculpture, glazed. The sculpture is inspired by medieval..
 Author:Beata Kuczynska. Clay sculpture, glazed. The sculpture is burned in old Japanese techni..
Author: Monika Skrzynska  clay sculpture, glazed. Size: about 40 cm high, 90 cm long and 20 cm ..
Author: Beata Kuczynska, clay sculpture - glazed. Size: about 40cm high, 15 cm wide. The sculpture s..
Author:Beata Kuczynska.Sculpture made of clay,glassed.Author's favourite thing.The one on the world...
Saint Mary
Author; Beata Kuczynska clay sculpture - glazed, made in ancient, Japanese RAKU technics. Size:about..
Silver Raymund
Silver Raymund
Author: Beata Kuczynska Clay sculpture, gazed and fired.This unbelievable piece of art shows a chara..
Author; Beata Kuczynska, clay sculptures, glazed ..
Woman with a cat
Woman with a cat
Author: Beata Kuczynska. Clay sculpture, glazed.Probably the most sophisticated of my sculptures and..

The sculptures our gallery offers are individual, completely hand created works, each a kind of their own! They are made using clay and covered with glaze. Creating each sculpture requires a long and precise process, beginning with the concept, that crystallises in the creator's mind. Afterwards, the part of working out how to bring the vision to life commences. After moulding the clay, the sculpture has to stand for a period of time between a few days to a few weeks drying. It is then fired in a special kiln oven. This firing takes around 2 days. Then the sculpture is painted using the glazes, which are powdered glass with added colourants. The sculpture is fired once again for 2 days, it compresses in the oven at a temperature of 900 C. Now the piece is ready and may amaze using its magical form and colour. It is like a gift from another dimension.

About us

It's good you're here.
Titan Sirens came from our dreams and our passionate love for beauty, these dreams have accompanied us all our lives, appointing themselves as compulsion to create and need for contact with spirits, mystery and the source of everything. We met as young girls, to paint, try out new artistic techniques or simply to observe the world and play with its unlimited possibilities. We were always Titan Sirens. We were mermaids who had to face everyday life, but this did not tarnish our dreams. Our mermaid souls survived the whirlwinds of life and still stayed as souls of little girls fascinated by beauty.

Why us?

  • Each piece in our gallery is unique and individual
  • All of the pieces are made using select natural materials
  • The pieces are the result of a long-term and precise creative process
  • All of our works come with a certificate of authenticity
  • The pieces can make one of a kind gifts for a special someone, they can express and evoke deep thoughts, emotions and feelings because they were created with this purpose.


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